12 – 13 Nov 2017
2 – 6 Sep 2018
NetherBard Returns

Four Women, The Bard and a Cardboard Cauldron.  This wild, female-led comedy explores Shakespeare’s favourite subjects: ambition, envy and revenge. The battle for centre stage goes beyond the rehearsal room as three actresses find themselves banished to ‘NetherBard’, destined to play Abbey’s understudies throughout the entirety of Shakespeare’s cannon.  Along the way they get to deliver some of Shakespeare’s best male speeches, with female voices. NetherBard questions what happens when women refuse to play the roles prescribed for them – on stage and in life.


Written by Janice Hallett
Directed by Rosie Snell


Kate – Rosemary Berkon
Abby – Lucinda Turner
Amy – Tayla Kenyon
Lena – Katrina Allen


Set Design by Greg Spong
Sound & Lighting Design by Tom Kingdon
Prop Design by Alesya Bolotina
Lighting & Sound Operation by Matthew Gardner