Moth Hunting…

26th – 28th September

“Okay Ann, Jesus, it’s not the blitz!”
Ann has a surprise for her mum and sister – they’re going moth hunting in Macclesfield forest. Carrying only a homemade moth trap, corned beef sandwiches and a lifetime of resentment, tensions start to rise amongst the trees and wildlife as dark family secrets come to light.

But will any moths?

Moth Hunting is a lighthearted, brand new comedy by Phil Ball. A perfect night out for anyone who has experienced sibling rivalry, the joyful embarrassment of parents or the endless struggle with brawling children. What started as a 10 minute piece at a new writing night has transformed into an exciting, thrilling and hilarious production. Budding Rose Productions has pulled together a fantastic creative crew and talented performers to bring this wild and hysterical play to the stage.

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