Currently Casting for MOTH HUNTING


“Okay Ann, Jesus, it’s not the blitz!”

Ann has a surprise for her mum and sister – they’re going moth hunting in Macclesfield forest.

Carrying only a homemade moth trap, corned beef sandwiches and a lifetime of resentment, tensions start to rise amongst the trees and wildlife as dark family secrets come to light. But will any moths?

Moth Hunting is a brilliantly funny play, both physically and verbally. We are looking for actors who are physically creative and have naturally funny bones and are able to do a cheshire accent! Director, Rosie Snell, says every time she reads the script she is filled with joy and laughter!

Auditions will be held on Monday 15th July, between 2 and 6pm. There will be individual audition slots allocated, we would like you to read from an excerpt of the script and also provide a monologue which you feel reflects the character.

Rehearsal Dates:

24th & 25th July

31st July (Photoshoot for Marketing)

12th – 23rd August

A couple of days in September close to the performance dates – TBC

Performances – 26th, 27th and 28th September


Gill is on a mission to get her grown up daughters, Ann and Sue, to get along and will do anything from Moth Hunting in Macclesfield forest to enduring Paint Balling bruises to bring her daughters together. A delightful mix of vulnerable, caring and chaotic – Think Penelope Wilton!

SID – 

Sid has doted on Sue since the moment he met her. Has he got the balls to finally stand up to her and chuck her out or is he just too polite? Everyone is rooting for the lovable, average joe as Sid steps in to save the day… after he realises Sue isn’t having an affair in the middle of Macclesfield forest but rather Moth Hunting with her Mother! The Deliveroo Driver is a smaller part of this play, which enters before we are introduced to Sid. He is masked by a driving helmet – but is still one of the comic highlights of the production.

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